iVoice Translator
Speak into your device and it will speaks to you in another language immediately.
Snapchat drives we crazy because we cannot download those awesome photos on it! But now SnapGrab, a revolutionary app ap
iLingo Translator
Translate words and sentences between 53 languages for iPhone/iPod. Voice recognition and text-to-speech are supported f
With MusicTube, you can enjoy the music anytime & anywhere without registration!
A unique photo process app is coming! It’s INSTALOCATION!
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Recognition for our excellence
by Rossie773
I use it all the time. It's so fun!
April 11, 2014
by Gawuufieifi1234
I love this app- it lets u design your own text for ur pictures! LOVE it!!
May 13, 2014
by fiona_isabella
I live it! One of my favorite features is it allows you to zoom in and out of the picture
April 07, 2014