iVoice Translator - free speech translator & dictionary
Productivity & Business
Speak into your device and it will speaks to you in another language immediately.

** Accurate voice recognition
- Recognize major languages with high accuracy.
- Tap flag or open settings to change language for voice recognition.

** Instantly speak languages
- Instantly speak the translated text with a native speaker’s pronunciation.
- Volume, voice gender & voice speed can be adjusted in settings.

** Edit translations
- Long press the voice button and then input text.
- Long press a bubble and then select ‘Edit’ to modify the translation.

** Share translations
- Integrated Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS support.

** Phrasebook
- Quick access to a handy phrase book with commonly-used phrases and sentences.
- Save your own Phrasebook.

*Internet connection required.

Languages & Dialects with Speech Recognition:
English (United states)、English(United Kingdom) 、English(Australia) 、English(Canada) 、Spanish、Russian、Turkish、Portuguese(Portugal)、Polish、Malay、Korean、Italian、Japanese、Bahasa(Indonesian)、German、French、Dutch、Czech、Mandarin(China)、Mandarin(Taiwan)、Afrikaans

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